Friday, June 26, 2009

54 miles: Thurmont - Catoctin Mountains

This is a route reposted from an earlier entry. I plan on doing this route on a group ride in July. It'll be a good bit of saddle time, and a lot of climbing. I've ridden most of these roads riding with Ernest and Mark, one of our sales reps and a friend (and a great climber). After I ride the whole thing I'll update the post.

61 miles: Columbia - Woodbine Loop

Another route I came up with to possibly use on a group ride next month. Going to go try it out today.

Update: Not a bad route, on a cloudy day. All the roads are rideable and reasonably safe, and there are several convenience stores and gas station marts at which to refuel. The ride was also quite hilly—it was always climbing or descending, never much in the way of flat roads. There were two roads that were really great: Woodbine Morgan Road, running for one mile through the woods along a branch of the Patapsco River; and Shaffersville Rd, a tree-lined road gradually descending for 1.7 miles southeast of Mt. Airy. Almost the entire rest of this ride was in the sun, and with not a cloud to be seen and temperatures in the 90s, I was exhausted by the time I finished.

Monday, June 15, 2009

72 miles: Mt. Airy - Thurmont Loop

A possible ride for 72 miles through the rolling country east of Frederick up into the Catoctin range and back again.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

29 miles: Point of Rocks to Mt Airy

The rest of the loop back to Mt. Airy from the last post. In between that and this is about 14 miles of C&O Canal towpath.

54 miles: Mt. Airy to Harpers Ferry

This is a one-way route across the Catoctin and South Mountain ridges linking Mt. Airy, east of Frederick, to Harpers Ferry West Virginia. I'm planning on making this part of a longer loop that incorporates the C&O Canal towpath - but I can't map that using Google Maps!