Saturday, July 10, 2010

Google Maps updates

I realized looking back at some of my old posts that as Google has updated its maps, it has sometimes changed recommendations for the best route between two points. Consequently, some of my routes have changed (for instance, Hamburg Rd. in Frederick Forest was apparently decided too obscure, so some descents of it have been rerouted.)

As a result, if any of my directions include interstates, or U-turns, or anything else that seems out of place, chances are they have been changed by updates. Feel free to email me or post a comment if you are planning on using a route and something seems off.

Civil War Century preview

Back to it! Here is a loop I am planning to ride later this month with several friends who are going to do the Civil War Century for the first time. It previews the two longest climbs in the 100-miler, and has a good high-speed descent along Harp Hill Rd. I definitely recommend trying the century, especially if you have done one or two flat centuries and want something with a bit more scenery (and climbing, and descending, and history...)

Information for the ride is found here:

Monday, March 15, 2010

Google Maps Bicycling Directions

I was ahead of the curve on this one. I've been using Google Maps for bike routes for a while! It seems like most of the bike trails in our area are mapped now, which is great. It even looks like there are marked bike lane routes in the city maps!