Friday, August 26, 2011

25 miles WB&A Trail - Crofton

25 miles exactly.

Used this course for a 25 mile Breast Cancer Awareness Ride from the shop. I was really excited to get some great feedback from riders who enjoyed the route! A few people told me they didn't know there were any country roads like Cecil Ave or Dicus Mill or Severn Chapel anywhere nearby.

Monday, August 15, 2011

200k Partial Preride

Tomorrow's preride of part of the 200k course I will be doing at some point over the next several months. Mapped out 40 mile loop from the BWI trail, from the shop via Burns Crossing about 70 miles.

Update 8/16: Great ride! The roads around the Hollofield area of Patapsco Valley State Park are worth the trip. Narrow roads in poor condition with no traffic and steep hills. Beautiful farmland and forests out that way. Wrights Mill Rd and Davis Ave in particular were great. Watch out for the washboarded descent of Old Frederick Rd down to the river.

10/4: I've done the ride twice now and it is definitely going to be a go-to in the future. It's easy to start from the Patapsco park and ride which is convenient for those who live in Baltimore.

44mi Dirt and Gravel Thurmont

Not yet tried. Looks brutal.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Metric through Deale

One last option doesn't share (have?) any park rest areas but hits some great, tiny roads in Deale and Churchton.

Alternate 25 miles - Generals Rest Stop

Modified Shop Training Loop with a halfway point rest stop shared by the metric. This may be the way to go.

Alternate Metric - Generals Rest Stop

Alternate metric with rest stop on Crownsville Rd.

Double Metric work in progress

In progress

Slightly modified for more dirt.