Tuesday, October 4, 2011

48 miles Sugarloaf Dirt

Lots of dirt roads in this ride from Mt. Airy to Sugarloaf Mt and back. I hope the roads are all passable; not sure at this point.

Update 10/16: Rode with John. The dirt roads are great! Riding around Sugarloaf was a blast. It is a challenging course: first windy, then gravelly, then hilly.

Penn Shop Rd. and Fingerboard Rd. are very crowded with traffic and no shoulder; I think next time I will figure out a workaround. Peters Rd. was dirt and pretty rough. I found it to be right at the limit of what I could ride on 23s, and it looked very likely to flood if the creek is high.

Here's the modified route that misses the busy roads early in the ride.